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Farangis Nurulla-Khoja: unspoken experience

vortex temporum podcast

Caravan of despair

Gageego! -Kalvs shyrka,  Västra Götaland: 12th of August, 2023

Les envolées Malmö, Sweden December 5 2023 12:00 Emma Bolin, Piano/Celeste

Rustle of Memory

a concerto for Piano and Sinfonietta: Performers: Introitus ensemble, Piano: Jane Hayes, Conductor: Leslie Dala.

Caravan of Despair

for contralto and chamber ensemble: 12 August, 2023, Ensemble Experimental, NY, USA.

Les envolées

European premiere in Belgrade, Serbia: 18 May, 2023

A thorn expands to a rose

for 6 voices – acapella , Uppsala, Sweden : 19th of March, 2023

Rustle of Memory

A Concerto for Piano and Sinfonietta: 12 March, 2023

Daughter of Absence

Concerto for Cello and String quintet, Malmo, Sweden:

False ceiling, 2012

Inspired by exposition in Istanbul museum of Modern art “False ceiling”. Duo for Violin and Percussion. This performance is in Germany, Bremen, 2022.